The Shihankai of the Gojukai Karate-do Europe is formed by a group of high-ranking Karateka with impeccable training background and experience in order to sever as a validating and accreditation organ for its members.
The Shihankai is a union, dedicated to preserve and promulgate the art of the traditional Japanese Karate-doGojukai, the style of the Yamaguchi family.

The Shihankai is striving to follow the leadership of our Saikoshihan (grandmaster) and Kaicho (presiden) Goshi Yamaguchi Hanshi.

Beside the Shibucho of each country, the Shihankai of the GojukaiKarate-do Europe with the leadership of our Vice President Ingo de Jong Hanshi over 35 years has the active ability to find suggestions and solutions for all issues that matter to Association.

To promote the friendship and the standard of the Karate-do knowledge the European Shihankai has an annual Master Seminar. The very positive experience during so many years of respectful and constructive collaboration shows us the success and quality of the board which operates in the traditional way of Japanese Budo.