Seikoshihan & President I.K.G.A and J.K.G.A

Goshi Yamaguchi, 8. Dan Hanshi

Born in Shinjing, Manchurai on September 28 1942, as the third son of Gogen Yamaguchi Grandmaster and Kaiso (Founder) of the Japan Karate-do Gojukai Association.

He graduated from the university in 1969, when he became a full time teacher with the title of Shihan at the Hombu-dojo (head dojo) with a view to promote and develop Goju-ryu Karate-do.

He taught domestically and overseas to support his father thus far as an authorized instructor of the IKGA (International Karate-do Gojukai Association), JKF (All Japan Karate-do Federation), Tokyo Karate Federation and as a WUKO/WKF international referee.

In 1990 he was appointed to be president of the JKGA, IKGA and Saiko Shihan (Grand Master and highest Shihan) for the two associations.

Goshi Yamaguchi Hanshi
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Hombu Dojo

Headquarters of J.K.G.A. & I.K.G.A.

1-16-23, Zenpukuji
Tokyo 167